Development Process

  • Workflow Analysis & Defining Objectives.
  • Wireframming.
  • Application Development.

Workflow Analysis & Defining Objectives


Application Development.

Workflow Analysis & Defining Objectives:

Building the right application starts with having the goal(s) of the software identified and understanding how the software will work within the environment it is deployed in.

Identify processes that are error prone and choke points in the flow of information.

Define the desired outcomes and how the data set(s) generated will be used.

Define the general workflow of the software.


Wireframing is the process of planning out the application's workflow and features with the goal of making a Design Document. The Design Document will be the blueprint of the application.

Map out the overview of the software's main objective.

Identify any additional functions and features needed for the application.

Walk away with a well thought out application Design Document.

Application Development:

The development phase takes the Design Document and brings it to a functioning alpha version of the app.

Design Document to Aplha:

Alpha and Beta testing to Production.

Deployment and maintanience.

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